Through our parent company, Cares Global Network, we offer a wide range of services which includes Media, Training, Mentoring, Counselling, Development, Culture, Child Rights, Education, Programme Planning and Coordination. As part of our services we carry out the following:

CGN Programmes
 Appreciation Day (Annual Program Plan of Action)
 Willows Vacation School (Skill Acquisition Workshop)
 Children/Teen Day Conference
 Back to the Roots (Cultural Awareness Event for the Day of the African Child)
 Reach Out (Theatre for Development/Village Outreach)
 Willows Bible School
 Willows Counselling Seminar (School Based)
 Celebrate Nigeria ( Independence Day)
 Willows Cares – Open House ((Visit: Hospitals & Special Homes & Care of Urchins)
 Willows Media Workshop (Int’l Children’s Day of Broadcasting)

Annual CGN Projects

 Student Education Tour (SET) (for Nigerians & Friends of Nigerians Abroad)
 Young Leaders Summit

 WRITE Now! (Willows Readers Initiative Towards Education)
 Anne’s Café Empowerment (ACE)
 Praise & Pray Assembly (Adult)
 High School Praise
 Willows Readers Club

Cares Consultancy (School Support International)
 Idea Development, Publishing, Printing, Crèche Set-Up etc
 Study Abroad, Programme Planning & Coordination

Collegiate Academy
 Willows Leadership Academy (C<)
 Willows Journalism Centre

Mentoring Clinic (Coordination & Counseling)
 Young People (Children & Teens)
 Area Boys & Girls (AGM & ABM)
 Aspiring Entrepreneurs (Business Forum)

 Mature Singles Talk Show (DC Breakfast Meeting)
 Willows Tours & Trips

 Television Production: Teen Talk, My World Documentary
 Radio Production: Cross Culture, My World, Footprints
 Internet Publishing: Blog, Articles, Podcast
 Print: Willows Magazine & Divine Connection

 The Therapeutic Effect of Literature on Children in Conflict with the Law
 The Therapeutic Effect of Media on Children in Conflict with the Law

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