Willows Magazine

Willows Magazine which is published by Cares Global Network (CGN) is a diet for every young person that was launched in 2004 as a quarterly. As corporate social responsibility, we collaborate with well meaning companies and organisations to carry out monthly projects for the benefit of young people. These projects are highly subsidised or free based on the sponsorship we receive.

Aims and Objectives
Willows Magazine aims to nurture young people to excel. It gives teenagers and young adults a sense of their role and responsibilities in the world. It speaks to them appropriately and covers a wide range of topics including international affairs, sports and entertainment events as well as serious topics relating to teens' lives, such as alcohol and drug abuse, sexuality and reproductive health, rights and responsibilities, and peer and family relationships. Willows Magazine seek to answer questions bothering teenagers growing up in this age of social media and global intelligence.

Willows Magazine is a for-profit, consumer magazine that is published 12 times per year. It currently reaches 50,000 teenagers per month. Though read by adults and young people, Willows Magazine is designed to meet the needs of boys and girls age 13-18 and young adults age 19 - 24. We attract the young mind that is focused on excelling. Approximately 40 per cent of readers are male and 60 per cent female. Willows Magazine is the only magazine that attempts to reach both sexes through choice of subject matter, tone and overall approach. In its segmented form we reach:
§ Children / Teenagers
§ Youths
§ Parents / Educators / Mentors
§ Other Stakeholders
§ Advertisers

Willows Magazine will serve as a vehicle in which their products will ride. Willows Magazine will pursue deliberately the ABC type of readership. We will strive to be the best source of education, information and entertainment to our audience. In addition, we will provide developmental building blocks for excellence in our focal audience. We will offer flexibility and simplicity in aligning with advertisers’ creative bent. Our marketing staff would forge a working relationship with advertisers. Opportunities available include scheduled advertising, spot booking,s, special projects, sponsorship and programme coverage. Our marketing personnel and the strategies they would employ will be an advertiser’s delight.

Advertisers in the magazine include: Next Call, Moving Media, Tantalizers, Daily Need, East Wind, Maryanne School, Heritage House School, TAL House etc. These companies and others continue to support our monthly projects.

Willows Magazine will operate under an open distributorship policy. It is presently distributed through schools, clubs, charities and religious organisations; 80% is distributed in major cities - Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu, Ibadan, Kano, Aba; 15% goes to other States while 5% goes to South Africa, USA, Canada, Ghana, Kenya and UK. We hope to engage transport networks in distribution. This will make available to readers and advertisers quality content nationwide. Contact us if you wish to be a distributor or advert agent. Half of the 10,000 press run is distributed free courtesy of sponsorship. Cover price is N250 for an all gloss cover, white bond inside, full digital colour print.

Willows Magazine has on offer a wide variety of columns to mirror development in youth development areas. Our special columns include:

Willows Mirror, Expose with Jimi Michaels, Sharing With Aunty Anne, Beauty & Style, Moments, Meetings & More, Sparkle, Treasured, Expressions and School Focus (see all columns under projects)             

So many changes are happening around here and we are so excited. We recently decided to make Willows a bi-monthly magazine. Now we can keep up with the demands young people are placing on us and we can take in more of your school reports, articles and comments.

We live to write for you and would keep doing our part to nurture young people to excel. There is also a promo for schools and for young writers. What’s it about? Find out!

You can keep complaining about what the government has failed to do but one thing we shouldn’t have to complain about is your part of the deal. Be the best you can!

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