04 November 2008

Willows for Adults

We have a virtual assistance package for adults as well especially those in the Diaspora. You can be part of a blog where professionals will respond directly to questions on Health & Wellness, Business, Education, Relationship and Resources.

Google, Yahoo and other search engines provides information and suggestion but how do you sieve through a million links to what you actually need? What of those times when all you need is a human to answer your questions, help plan your event or speak to those problems that weigh you down? Through the virtual assistance site, we will share priceless ideas and information.

Health & Wellness: Information about health concerns in the field of medicine and public health can be shared here. Also, healthy lifestyle, keep fit tips etc. will be address by those in the field.

Business: Posts about investments, shares, small scale business, mortgages, and refinancing goes here. In addition you can have your business plans and ideas reviewed. You can discuss any issue related to business.

Education: Questions about study abroad, scholarships, courses, career, degrees etc for you or your loved ones would be answered here. Through this link you can sign us up as mentors to students.

Relationship: There are hardly classes on parenting or dealing with in-laws or even coping with friends yet these are few of the issues we have to deal with. Be it with your spouse, children, co-workers, neighbours, siblings, relatives; relationships do get knotty, we can help you get a hand over it.

Resources: This is our miscellaneous link. You want to have a party and need to plan on a low or high scale, you need to make a speech and need to discuss what to consider, you want to volunteer and don't know where, you need to find out what is appropriate conversation or outfit for a first date, you need to invite friends to an event and you are just too busy to create, send the invitations and follow up? We will provide you with resources and go a step further if you need us to. Just ask? If we can't do it, we'll link you with someone who can.

All above will be accessible through subscription to a blog or telephone service. Language of communication will be English, Yoruba and Pidgin. The telephone service will also offer a service for those who wish to improve their Yoruba speaking skills or teach their children or friends the Yoruba language or Nigerian culture.

To begin benefitting from the package, kindly contact us, via the comment link, with your name and email of those for whom you wish to subscribe. We in turn will send you detail of site and charges for the internet consultation and telephone service. We will also start you off with a free 2-week access to either the web or the telephone service - your choice.

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Anonymous said...

I believe this is a great cause and would like to subscribe for the following for 3 months:

Ann Emmanuel-Afolabi
Yinka Adepoju
Tony Omonade
Roseline Nwankwo