07 January 2009

Cares Network Projects

In addition to services provided, funds from Willows Magazine and Willows Online support our projects - Roving Library, Care Visit, Willows Bible School, Hair Art Theatre etc - and the cost of sending Willows Magazine to rural areas.

While the Roving Library and donation of Willows Magazine to rural areas and indigent student is a year round project, our First International Project is the Hair Art Theater (HAT) which was carried out in Athens, Ohio in May 2008. CNI/Willows Magazine worked in collaboration with Global Network for Community Development (GNCD) and the Association of Nigerians (founded by the Project Director, CNI) to promote the Nigerian culture of hair braiding and head gear tying. It was indeed a great event that saw young people learning the art of hair making and head decorating. Supporters of the project include the Center for African Studies and the Women Center both of Ohio University, Athens, USA

Find pictures from the HAT Show below. To see them all, subscribe to Willows Online and learn about our projects and how to organise or participate in similar projects.

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