02 June 2010

On your marks...

It is only a couple of days to the 6th World Summit on Media for Children & Youth!

We are excited because Nigeria is going to Karlstad!

We are putting things together for our participation. While we are still trying to raise funds to increase the number of participants, we have posted some of our discussion and comments from respondents on the summit project we are doing on this blog. Please add your voice by posting a comment here.

We have completed a 2-page story on “The Youth and the Media” written by one of our team members to be published in the next edition of Willows Magazine (for young people). Join our Willows Magazine Facebook group. The article has been posted on the group page.

We are also putting together a story to be featured by one of our team members in a major Nigerian Newspaper; Vanguard. We would be having a Press Briefing next week and we are looking at partnering with television stations for interviews and briefings. Feel free to let us know what you are doing and how else we can actively participate and bring about a media that is appropriate and adequate for young people.

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