15 April 2012

Sharing with Aunty Abike (8)

It’s another celebration Sunday. Whether your day is cold, warm, hot or windy you should be content because a new day stands for gain and hope. If you see another day, it only means you have gained one more day and your hope for a better tomorrow is kept alive.

One thing the Holy Book calls great gain is contentment. What is contentment? Simply put it is satisfaction. If you are very hungry but all you have is biscuit and pure water and you eat it with inward satisfaction and smile then you are content. Contentment is being thankful for what you have.

If you are one of those that say: “If only my Dad has a better car?” “If only my Mum can speak English”, “If only I can go to a private school”, “If only I can go abroad to study” or “If only I am living with my parent”… then you are discontent and discontentment brings great unhappiness. Remember that money will buy bed but not sleep; book but not brain and medicine but not health.

I am not saying you should not desire better things or better life but if you are thankful for what you have today then your mind will be positioned to receive better things.

Instead of, “If only my Dad has a better car”, why not plan to help with cleaning the one he has and thank him for having a ride to take you out.  Instead of, “If only my Mum can speak English”, why not appreciate the fact that she can talk and communicate with you intelligibly. Instead of, “If only I can go to a private school”, why not appreciate your parents for being able to send you to school and show gratitude to your teachers for going the extra mile despite receiving meager salary. Instead of, “If only I can go abroad to study”, why not be thankful that you are among the population of the world that is receiving education. Instead of, “If only I am living with my parent”, why not be thankful that you are in someone’s care and you have a roof over your head.

Contentment is a conscious choice to accept, appreciate, enjoy and make the best use of what you have. Knowing that God knows your condition and your innermost desire and would bless you with other things you need in due season should make you content.

Discontentment is what makes some of our leaders have so much yet they keep taking more and more to the extent of depriving the citizens of basic amenities. Imagine what would happen if a pond keeps taking in more and more water; soon it would begin to smell and stink because few people use water from ponds.

All you need to be happy is what you have at the moment. The best you make of it happily is the outlook you need for a better tomorrow.

Enjoy your day with contentment.

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