05 November 2008

Editor's Line

Dear Friends,
This is related to Willows Magazine and how you can partner with us to make an impact in the lives of young people.

To encourage the culture of reading, we have decided to reach out to young people through blogs. I know that the challenge for us as adults has been finding appropriate materials to which we can direct our young folks whether at home or abroad. Since you are stakeholders in nurturing young people to excel, we have decided to reach teenagers (age 13-19) through you. Based on the medium, we will need your trust and encouragement to ensure this is worthwhile.

The site has readable and age appropriate materials on various issues e.g. health, movies, education, law, fashion, arts, catering, news. Most of these materials are from back issues of Willows Magazine and have been researched or reported by my staff most of whom are young. In addition subscribers will have access to short stories and excerpts from unpublished books. Readers will be welcome to suggest topics and ideas. For a discount fee, they will also be eligible for direct consultation or counseling on youth related issues e.g. education, culture and development.

With your one-time subscription, the teen(s) on behalf of whom you have subscribed can be given access to the site. In the past, folks have supported the magazine by paying for and making Willows Magazine available to schools and youth based groups. Back copies are available at the cover price of N250 in Nigeria, $2 in USA and £2 in UK (plus shipping for locations outside Lagos) should you wish to sponsor copies for your Alma Mata or any youth based group. Discount is available for bulk sponsorship.

For the package we have for adults, click the Willows for Adults link.

Willows Magazine and the parent company, Cares Network Inc., has been involved in many laudable initiatives and has impacted on the lives of people in Nigeria, Greece, Brazil, United Kingdom, South Africa and the United States of America. Feel free to forward the flier to your family and friends. We are counting on you to enrich the lives of people globally especially our young ones. We have started small but we definitely can grow big with your support.

To jumpstart your subscription, kindly leave via the comment link your name, email address and indicate the duration (month, quarter, annual) for which you wish to subscribe. Also indicate the name(s) and email address of those the subscription is for. We in turn will reach you with a free 2-week access link, charges and payment detail. Note that your details will only be accessible to us.

Thank you and God bless.

Omolola Famuyiwa
For: Willows Magazine… nurturing young people to excel.


Abimbola said...

I'll like to subscribe for the following:

Isabella Jones (US)
Popoola Dickson (NG)
Jimmy Michael (NG)

akin said...

Have read a few editions of williows magazine in nigeria some years back.Am really impressed with the progress thus far,i must commend the efforts of the minds behind this big deal.Willows is a magazine i would always want to be associated with.keep up the good work.

Willows Magazine said...

Thanks for the kind words. We look forward to your subscription. Feel free to share our mission with friends and family. Thanks much.

Lanre J. said...

This Lanre. I heard about Willows and what you are still doing. I am glad to have been a little part of it before. I have checked the websites and I would be glad, if I am able to contribute my own little quota in whichever way possible.

I have a passion for writing and I have been doing that privately for quite a while now, I am currently a 300 level student at the university. It would be very delightful to me if in the future I am able to say that I have been a part of your vision directed towards affecting the lives of youths world over and the successes of Willows Magazine...

Best wishes and compliments

Damilola M. said...

Auntie O., its bn ages. I'm really interested in what you are doing right now and would love to continue writing Beauty and Style.

Thank you for still considering me. I'll check out the website as soon as possible.

Take care.