26 November 2008

Willows for Teens

Welcome on board.

Someone who cares about you has subscribed to 1-3 months of Willows for Teens on your behalf. You can maximise the subscription (private or sponsored) by making a commitment to read, give feedback and ask questions that bother you as a growing teen. The email you received contains the duration and name of your sponsor.

Willows Magazine is a magazine for young people which is published by Cares Network Inc. in Nigeria. To give young people an appropriate alternative to the numerous options on the internet, we decided to make materials from Willows Magazine available online.

The subscription gives you access to the following:

1. Willows Online (http://willowsmagazine.googlepages.com/)
2. OU Journal (News & Events: http://ou-journal..blogspot.com/)
3. Counseling through Willows Gmail
4. Unpublished books (active participants)
5. Editorial guidance for those interested in writing

To be part of it, we need you to ask your parents for permission. You also need to commit to reading, giving feedback and/or asking questions. Some have committed to as low as ten minutes per day or an hour per week depending on how much time they can make out. I promise you the materials are so interesting you will end up giving more time than you planned but we ask you not to neglect other aspects as our goal is to encourage the reading culture and build a well rounded person. Your feedbacks and comments will help us measure the impact of the materials.

Since your participation is paid for, your commitment and willingness to ask questionss ensures you have the utmost benefit from the materials and our services. If your subscription has been paid for by sponsor note that we nominated you based on your interest and our goal of encouraging the culture of reading. We currently have readers from Nigeria, UK, USA, Canada, Kenya, South Africa and Brazil. By participating you get to read about their opinions and learn about these countries as well.

Enjoy the joy thanksgiving brings.


Isioma said...

I got 3 months free subscription through a gift by one of youe sponsors. I am really excited about it as this will help me to improve my writing skills. Thank you for nominating me.

Mayowa said...
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Willows Magazine said...
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