31 January 2011

International Children's Day of Broadcasting

While growing up, I had the privilege of watching programmes like Tales by Moonlight, Storyland, KidiVision 101, Junior Debate etc; programmes that educated, informed and entertained, programmes that built my communication and social interaction skills and made me proud of my heritage as a Nigerian. Today, there are more culturally irrelevant and sexuality explicit programmes on our airwaves.

A number of child related issues like inadequate child health facilities, high child mortality, child rights abuse, gender discrimination, low level of education, school dropout due to poverty and pregnancy, menace of street children and children in conflict with the war, low quality media content, low level of media programming for children, low child participation and inadequate cultural awareness can be resolved via dissemination of child rights information and quality media for children.

Willows Magazine will carry out a Media for Children March and Media Workshop for Children to commemorate the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) 2011. The programme will bring together celebrities, media talents, children artistes, members of press clubs, non-governmental organisations, corporate organisations as we turn public attention to the rights of children and advocate for quality media for children. Through the project, we will advance partnerships in the dissemination of information and advocacy on the rights of the child as spelled out in the Convention on the Rights of Children (CRC), Child Rights Act (CRA) and Africa Charter on Children's Broadcasting.
Through this laudable project, we will promote the Nigeria Children Council which is hinged on a mandate we received in Sweden from the Global Youth Council (GYC) during the World Summit on Media for Children, we came up with the idea of a media project for children.

Basically it entails an advocacy meeting with stakeholders, a media march for children, a media workshop (television, radio, internet and print) and a closing ceremony. We are inviting sponsors, facilitators and broadcast partners to be part of the media project.

If you'd like to participate as a sponsor, facilitator, participant or volunteer, kindly contact The Editor.

The programme falls on the 4th - the 6th of March 2011. If you are game? Let us know what you can offer and suggestions on how to move this to the next stage.

We really want you to be part of swinging this for ICDB 2011... Sign up and let's work together on a media project through which we can partner with UNICEF to create awareness on CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child), CRA (Child Rights Act) and quality media for children.

A number of people have signed up. Just to give you heads up; already we have word from the Mrs. Joke Orelope-Adefulire (Commissioner for Women Affairs), Mr. Olufemi Segun Runsewe (quality education for children adovocate), Chris Ilems (Metro FM), Funke Treasure (Radio Nigeria - Lagos), Bimbola Oloko (LTV), Muyiwa Ojekunle (Eko FM), Ilemi Okoka (FRCN - Abuja) and the enchanting duo of Goge Africa - Isaac & Nneka Moses, amongst others.

We need you to SPIN (Sponsor.Participate.Invite.Network) this! Together we can mainstream children's issues through the media.

Omolola Anne Famuyiwa
Editor, Willows Magazine
Project Director, Cares Global Network


Ojuolape Oliwo said...

ICDB encourages us to teach children and young ones about the media and how we can participate in media.

Ojuolape Oliwo said...

ICDB encourages us to teach children and young ones about the media and how we can participate in media.

Kolapo Adebayo said...

ICDB teaches children how to showcase their talent, relate with the media and participate in media.

Onyeka Akpala said...

ICDB teaches children that it's a priority to know their culture especially their language because culture represents who we are.

Damilola Elisha said...

ICDB helps children to relate with the media through interactactions, education, entertainment etc. It is also a day to let us be current with the world.

Samuel Oyebanji said...

ICDB is a day when young people can learn about morals and core values. It is a day when we are directed to tune in to media as we learn more about our culture.

Ojuolape Oliwo said...

ICDB is a day when children are educated about current affairs and encourages children to participate in the media and media education.