01 May 2012


Dear Friends,

The deadline for the 1st Willows WRITE Contest is fast approaching.

 Your story must be entered and paid in full by 6:00PM Nigeria Time Friday 27th, July, 2012.

We are accepting original entries of up to 5,000 words from all aspiring writers for the 2012 Willows WRITE Contest. We welcome entries from especially amateur writers, so whether you have been published or not, you are welcome to submit your work in this exclusive contest!

What do you need to do?

1. Join Willows Magazine on Facebook and post a short 100-word article

2. Pay the entry fee of N5,000 to Willows Magazine 013-004-01493561-01 Ecobank Account

3. Send your 5,000-word story under the title "It happened to me" to Willows Magazine Editor with proof of payment or submit entry to Willows Magazine with code of payment.

4. Note that your story can be fiction or non fiction.

To win, your creativity MUST be woven into your script.

This is a pilot contest and reviews will be done within one month and winner contacted by the 27th of August, 2012.

In addition to the prestige, publicity and professional support you will gain from winning this contest, the winner will receive a FREE Willows WRITE Publishing Package (valued at N100, 000, yes One Hundred Thousand Naira) and a professionally-crafted press release to announce the winner to the media and social media.

Our media partners include Naija Stories.

To submit your entry, go to: Willows Magazine

Friday, 27th July 2012, 6:00PM Nigeria Time

If you are saying but I already have a manuscript for which I need help to publish. Send it to us and we may pre-qualify you for any of the following, subject to terms and conditions:

1. Publishing Package - Provide necessary support to bring your book to life.

2. Review Package - Thorough assistance in the area of evaluating, restructuring and editing your manuscript.

3. Promotion Package - Promote your work across and beyond the media.

4. Mentorship Package - Guide you through the process of completing your manuscript.

At Willows Magazine, we have no choice but to respect our right to write; so we live to write and write to live. What are you waiting for? WRITE Now!


gretel said...


Willows Magazine said...

Thanks for the interest. You may join this blog and post your article here.

Willows Magazine said...

Thanks for the interest. You may join this blog (see the link on the side bar and post your article here (comment window).

Umoru Muhammed said...

Has this contest ended? I'm confused, Naijastories.com said 27 may and Willows Magazine blog said 27 July, which one is right?

Willows Magazine said...

Thanks Umoru. It was extended and would end on July 27. Thanks for the interest.

Umoru Muhammed said...

Living in the midst of whites with a black skin origin is not an easy task, what counts is your ENDURANCE to help you cope with the situation. This endurance together with DETERMINATION and HARDWORK were the tools that paved way for Amabo to rule the whites.

Willows Magazine said...

Thanks Umoru. We received your script. If you can send another one in British English. From an initial overview, we noticed that your script is written in American English; this may negatively impact the review of your work.

Umoru Muhammed said...

I'm sorry for sending the American English version, I didn't know it isn't allowed. I have been trying to reach this blog since this morning but, there was no network. Thanks for this competition.

Willows Magazine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Willows Magazine said...

We speak Bristish English in Nigeria which explains why we did not find it necessary to specify this in the requirement. Despite the fact that Nigerian journalists continue to display a mix of British and American English in the media, students of literature must never be guilty of this error. If we don't stand for something, we will fall for anything. Please edit and resend your story. If done before 8AM on Monday 31st July it would be considered for this cycle otherwise, it may not stand the chance of being shortlisted. But, all entries will be reviewed.

Umoru Muhammed said...

Thanks so much, I had sent the British English copy. I believe you have it now. More strength to your elbow.