03 September 2012

Sharing With Aunty Abike (9)

Happy new month! This month is special because of Children Day; May 27. It is very special to me because I was born on that day; so now you know why I love and value children.

I’m always glad to have new things – clothes, shoes, bags, books etc. I bet you are too! But if we are not here – physically and mentally, to see a new month then all those things mean nothing. So this month, my heart goes out to all those who have been hurt. We feel for you that you had to go through such a horrible incidence.  

Being alive means we can learn how to be safer in this world where some people just like to hurt others. Using these safety tips, in addition to praying, will go a long way to keep you safer:

  • I know teachers always want you to go to the toilet alone during lessons, but where you can especially during breaks, after school etc; make sure you go with a friend.
  • If anyone disturbs you or touch you in a way that makes you uncomfortable at home, school or during play time; talk to your parent, teacher or a trusted adult.
  • If any programme, image, email, text message, letter etc makes you uncomfortable, discuss it with your parent or trusted adult.
  • Don’t accept food, drink, snack, medication or ride from people you don’t know or trust.
  • Don’t chat with or give your personal information to strangers whether physically or online.
  • If someone follows you around when you are going to school or while you are on errand or tries to take you somewhere without the knowledge of your parent or guardian, change your route or shout so people around can know that you don’t know the person.
  • Always let your parent or guardian know where you are e.g. If on your way from school you decide to branch at a friend’s house to pick a book; tell them.
  • Always lock the door when you are home alone and do not open the door to strangers or anyone who you are not comfortable being alone with.
  • When you receive a strange call and the person is asking for where you are or “Is mum or dad at home”, don’t answer. People who only want to visit you when there is no adult around may not have good intentions.
  • Finally, choose your friends with care and discuss your friendship with your parent or guardian. Any friend who wants you to keep secrets from your parent may not be a good friend.
I pray God will continue to protect you.

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