26 February 2012

Sharing with AA (1)

Sharing With Aunty Abike

Good afternoon my dear one. It is a privilege to have this window to speak with you every week. God helping me, I will use the opportunity to look at life issues affecting teenagers especially.

So how are you, family, friends, school…? These areas of our lives affect who we are and who we become. Even though they are all important areas we just have to prioritise to make out time for some things and leave others out completely or for the time being. Take for instance Ogechi, a bright student in SSII. Ogechi’s ambition is to become a movie director. Already Ogechi is in charge of the drama group in her school. Everybody commends her and last month her principal gave her a certificate of honour. So instead of attending drama class last week, she decided to watch and do a review of films. She was so sure that her drama teacher would commend her for skipping class to visit the cinema, after all her action will show she is very interested and proactive about her future ambition. What do you think?

All months are very important to young people because what we do from January to December is what will determine whether we will pass or fail. But March is a very special month for children all over the world. Do you know why? March is when we celebrate the ICDB. So what is ICDB? Ask your parents, speak to your friends, interview your teachers and check the internet. Let’s see who responds first with answers to the following questions:

1.      What is ICDB?

2.      When is ICDB in 2012?

3.      How is ICDB celebrated

4.      What is the ICDB theme for 2012

5.      Who can participate

Send your answers to Aunty Abike via willowsmagazine@gmail.com or to Aunty Funmi via graceajumobi@yahoo.com. The first 5 people to submit with correct answers will receive free copies of Vanguard Kiddies and Willows Magazine and have an opportunity to participate in the 2012 ICDB Media Workshop.

So how was 2011? Did you achieve what you planned to achieve? Have you done an audit of 2011? Do you know what an audit is? Look it up in the dictionary and then go ahead to audit 2011. After doing an audit of 2011, I want you to use what you discover to plan (or re-plan) what you have mapped out for 2012. Plan and prepare as if your entire life depends on it and then pray as if you need a supernatural force to make it work. Those 3 things have worked wonders for me. So, try it and send your comments to Aunty Abike at willowsmagazine@gmail.com.

I believe in you, you can make it!

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