25 March 2012

Sharing With Aunty Abike (5)

Good day my dear one. It was Mother’s Day on the 18th of March 2012; hope you celebrated your mum in an awesome way. In Nigeria, we celebrate the British Mother’s Day (March) while others recognise and celebrate the American Mother’s Day (May).

For many who say but I have no mother; I have word for you. Any woman who has played the role of guardian, mentor and carer is a mother and should be celebrated as such. Though I am blessed to have a sweet mum – Deaconess Ibiyemi Oluremi Famuyiwa (nee Odu), I have other mothers; notable among them is Mrs. Taiwo Ajai-Lycett; a sweet mentor. I spent the day with both women. With Iya Adura, I went to church and had a great lunch, with Mama TAL; I went to an all-white gig and had a great time. How did you spend the day?

Mothers – real or adopted, are special. They labour to birth the vision which became you and I. The poem, My Mother; captures a lot about who mothers are. She sat and watched my infant head, when sleeping on a cradle bed and tears of sweet affection shed... Mothers cry when we ache, they also shed tears of joy when their hope in us sees the light of day.

I remember when I was in secondary school, even though my mother believed I was cut out for the arts and would do well as a teacher, she supported all the ambition I had. And o my God! I had many ambitions. First I wanted to be a medical doctor, then I wanted to be a graduate nursing officer, then I decided I would be an investigative journalist but chickened out when Mr. Dele Giwa was killed. Then I decided I would do well as a military officer. At some point, I tried my hands on fashion designing then decided being a milliner would be better... Only a real mother could have prayerfully stayed by me and guided me until my vision unfolded as a media specialist, public relations consultant, counsellor and mentor.

We should complain less and appreciate our mothers more regardless of whether they are poor or rich, educated or uneducated. Mothers, go the extra mile for children. I know mothers who sold their clothes or jewelleries to ensure their children go to good schools. I know mothers who gave up well paid full time jobs to ensure they are physically present to nurture their children. Such sacrifices should be appreciated. Handmade cards, sweets in a nicely crocheted bag, beautifully laid bed with clean sheet, red rose in a colourful jar, well prepared and neatly served meal, a thank you hug etc go a long way to show your warm heart of thankfulness.

I will like to read your Mother’s Day experience; feel free to share it via willowsmagazine@gmail.com and graceajumobi@yahoo.com. I promise to share some of them to encourage more children to plan for next year’s Mother’s Day.

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