01 April 2012

Sharing with Aunty Abike (6)

It’s another great day; a day to live better and make greater impact in your life and in the lives of those around you.

There are so many ways you can live better. You can watch what you eat, watch what you watch on television or internet or listen to on radio or compact discs. You can plan your time well so that you spend more time reading, doing chores, praying, interacting with friends than gossiping or engaging in unwholesome habits.

There are also so many ways we can impact the lives of others. To do this you may not need to go far away to seek out those you can impact; you can help friends by helping them with home work. If you have a house help, remember that he or she has the same rights as you do. The fact that he or she has lesser opportunity and privilege should drive you with empathy to show love and care and offer your time (to teach, play) or resources (clothes, books etc) as a friend.

The United Nations (UN) observes many days but we need not wait for these special days to show that we care for issues affecting others. But we can use these special days to draw more attention to these issues. Do you have street children around you? Have you ever thought about what they may be going through or how you can help? Do you know about the IDSC?

April 12 is the International Day for Street Children (IDSC). It was inaugurated in 2011 to focus on the plight of street children and give the children and issues affecting them a voice. Children living and working on our streets should have the same opportunities as all children to prevention, protection, participation and provision as outlined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (based on the 4 fundamental rights: non-discrimination; best interests of the child; right to life, survival and development; and respect for the views of the child).

The IDSC is a tool and we can use it to realise the rights of street children. How? You can observe one or speak with more and write about it via any medium especially newspapers. You can create a video to share with friends and family with whom you can carry out a project. You can take welfare packs or food to them. You can report the situation to your Local Government (Council or County) or shelter for the homeless. With the help of your parent or school, you can provide services like tutoring, health care etc.

Feel free to share how you observed or plan to commemorate the day. Remember, we all can have a say in whether street children turn out; as haunters, hurters, hawkers or helpers.

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