06 October 2012

Mentoring Clinic

 "Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be." Eric Parsloe

At Cares Global Network, we pride ourselves in the maxim “impacting lives one mind at a time. Those we have mentored include Monininuade Sonde (Lawyer), Adeleke Aladekoba (Creative Director), Dayo Israel (Public Speaker), Ebun Obisakin (Entrepreneur), Isabella Ibiam (Educator), Olaitan Boboye (Educator); they have become leaders in their own right! Our impact with those we mentor vary based on individual needs.  We will ONLY give you fish to forestall your dying. But our ultimate goal is to teach you why to fish, how to fish, when to fish, where to fish and what to fish because we understand that fishing for a whale without the right gadgets may crush your limbs.
We will inspire, motivate and challenge you to discover your calling. We will create for you a climate that is relaxed, trusting, mutually respectful, informal, informative, cooperative, and supportive. Through God’s leading, we will connect you with worthy mentors in your career line or direct you to alternate and knowledgeable sources. We will continue to support you with resources and skills and give you constructive feedback to help you learn and grow. We will uphold the basics of strong mentoring, including building the relationship, earning your trust, supporting your goals and encouraging you to be independent.


We understand that mentoring is a protected relationship in which learning and experimentation can occur as such, we will help you to build your road map, encourage you to stay on track and support you to successfully reach your destination.

Our model include:
Conversations – Mentoring Clinic (Online), Conferences (National), Summits (Regional), Workshops (Local). Through our conversations, we will give advice, share information, listen to your comments and give constructive feedback.

ActivitiesOur activities will be two fold. One we will carry out with you in support of your goals and the other for you in support of the organisation’s goals. They include: Recruitment, screening, orientation, training, matching, match projects, support, recognition and match closure. We will design appropriate programmes/projects, organise, monitor and evaluate impact and outcomes of our programmes. Tools we will use include audio, video etc.

Projects – Our projects (individualised and group) will include those initiated by the mentees. These will be carried out in schools, communities and online.

What do you stand to benefit?

Benefits include learning new skills, developing an open relationship for idea sharing, developing long-lasting professional networks. We will help you believe in yourself and boost your confidence towards self awareness. We will guide you to ask questions, provide you with encouragement and direct you to opportunities for advancement.

Though Cares Global Network is not a religious organisation, our philosophy is built on Biblical Principles. Our facilitators all have a strong personal faith in God. Our programme serve young people between the ages of 13 and 24. We teach our mentees with respect without imposing any of our convictions on others.


The Mentoring Clinic is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool. It is a partnership between you (mentee) and us (CGN) built on mutual trust and respect for the purpose of helping you attain your optimal potential. We will ensure that the clinic remains mentee driven and person focused to ensure that we stay true to the maxim of “impacting lives, one mind at a time”.

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